Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First-Time New iPad Buyers Account For Half of Users Surveyed

New iPad
A survey conducted by UBS showed that around 46 percent of buyers of the new iPad were first-time buyers of the device. The survey was conducted among users who lined up in New York during the Friday launch of the latest version of the tablet offering of Apple.

Around 38 percent of the new iPad buyers were reportedly upgrading their original iPad units while the remaining 16 percent was not specified by the investment company.

The survey also revealed that 45 percent of the buyers were aiming to purchase the 16GB version while 54 percent wanted the Wi-Fi only version of the new iPad, which has drawn more buyers compared to the first iPad. Since users already have a data plan with their smartphones, it was a possibility that they did not want to get another device which also requires a data plan for the users.

Long lines greeted the flagship store of Apple in New York with 78 percent of those in line did not try to order the new iPad online before heading to the local Apple retail outlet. The first weekend following the release of the new iPad saw sales reaching three million units and the waiting time is currently around three weeks for users who order the new iPad online.

UBS had earlier projected sales of around twelve million units of the iPad by the end of the first quarter of 2012 although if the inventory of the device was higher, the projection would go higher. UBS has also indicated that the stocks of Apple may reach around $675. Currently Apple shares are just under $600.

Apple had also announced recently that a quarterly dividend will be given by the fourth quarter in the current fiscal year. This follows the record sales of the new iPad, which was higher compared to the initial sales of the two previous versions of the device.  The dividend is worth $2.65 for every share of Apple stocks.

Following the release of the new iPad, industry watchers have started to home into the upcoming iPhone 5, which is expected to be released sometime in October. 

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