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Advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Note Over the Amazon Kindle Fire

Samsung Galaxy Note
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The line dividing a smartphone with a smartphone was made unclear with the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note. This recent device offering from Samsung may be an appealing option for users who have no idea on what they want for a tablet even as they would not want to scrimp too much that they lose a number of features that they may need in the future.

The Samsung Galaxy Note offers a better option for users compared to the Amazon Kindle Fire, which has appealed to users who want the basic functions of a tablet while not spending too much for a device.

However the Samsung tablet/smartphone hybrid may offer a much better option for users who are thinking of acquiring a tablet even as they do not know what features to look for. The Samsung Galaxy Note comes with a stylus, internet connectivity, email access, and 16GB storage that is expandable through the microSD memory card slot.

Some of these features are found on the Amazon Kindle Fire although the Samsung Galaxy Note may offer more features for an additional $50 with the standard two-year service contract. The Amazon Kindle Fire is priced at $199 while the Samsung Galaxy Note has a price tag of $249.

Amazon Kindle Fire
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Aside from offering the functions of a tablet, the Samsung Galaxy Note also offers the features of a 4G smartphone through the 4G LTE network of AT&T. In comparison, the Amazon Kindle does not allow users to make or receive calls through their tablet devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Note also features a 2MP camera in front for video-chatting purposes while its 8MP camera at the back has the capability of recording 1080p HD videos. The S Pen of the tablet/smartphone hybrid also recognizes the handwriting of users and allows sketching, doodling and drawing on the tablet. These are some of the features that Amazon Kindle Fire owners do not enjoy.

The Amazon Kindle Fire does offer a bigger screen at 7 inches as compared to the 5.3-inch Super AMOLED display screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note. However in terms of resolution, the Samsung Galaxy Note offers a pixel per inch resolution of 285 compared to the 169 PPI of the Amazon Kindle Fire.

The Samsung Galaxy Note offers users the functions of a tablet and smartphone in one device. The internal storage of the Samsung Galaxy Note is also bigger at 16GB compared to the 8GB internal storage offered by the Amazon Kindle Fire and only 6GB of this can be used by the users.

These features may make potential buyers of the Amazon Kindle Fire to think twice of purchasing the tablet offering of Amazon. Although in the end, the users themselves will decide whether they would want to save the additional $50 and opt not to sign up for a two-year contract required for the Samsung Galaxy Note and purchase the Amazon Kindle Fire instead.

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