Tuesday, April 24, 2012

ZTE Aims to Increase Smartphone Sales to Fifty Million for the Year

ZTE Corporation
ZTE Corporation
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ZTE, a phone manufacturer based in China, appears set in increasing its presence in the mobile market. The company made its presence felt during the Mobile World Congress earlier this year it is currently increasing the number of devices it is bringing into the United States market.

ZTE intends to bring up its sales in the US as it prepares to release two phablets into the mobile market. The company is reportedly worth around $9/3 billion and smartphone sales in 2011 reached fifteen million units. ZTE currently ranks fourth among the handset manufacturers in the world.

The company aims to increase its smartphone sales to around fifty million units for this year and it intends to increase this number to around 100 million by 2015.

ZTE also aims to release a pair of smartphone/tablet hybrids that is similar to the Galaxy Note of Samsung within the year. Aside from releasing new devices, the company is also planning to update the Blade and the Skate, two devices that were released by the company earlier.

Sales of the Blade of ZTE have reached eight million units since it was released into the market around two years ago.

ZTE will have to work on its brand recognition if it aims to compete with the iPhone of Apple and the Galaxy of Samsung according to recent reports. For the moment the company is not quite popular in markets outside of China according to an analyst from IDC, a research company.

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