Tuesday, May 15, 2012

US Release of the ZTE Tania Within The Year

ZTE Tania
ZTE Tania
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It appears that ZTE is set on releasing its first Windows-powered device into the US market before the end of the year. According to Lixin Cheng, the North American business head of ZTE, the company will be releasing the ZTE Tania in the United States within the year.

Cheng added that the iPhone is the most preferred device among users due to it refined user interface and this user preference is followed by the Windows Phone devices with the Android coming up on third place.

Releasing the ZTE Tania into the North American market will not be easy for the small company although it is gradually making its presence felt in the US.

Although most of the handsets offered by the company use the Android OS, ZTE is already offering Windows Phone devices in China and the UK. In addition to the ZTE Tania, the company is also offering the ZTE Orbit into these two markets. Cheng revealed that it will be releasing the ZTE Tania into the United States within the year.

Despite his belief that the mobile OS of Microsoft will become successful in the market, Cheng admitted that the relationship between ZTE and Microsoft was not all that smooth at the start. Following the launch of the Windows Phone, restrictions were imposed by Microsoft on the hardware requirements as well as the OEM vendors that ZTE can work with since the American company wanted the devices to feature high-end components.

This was not in line with the aim of ZTE to offer reasonably-priced devices to the market. However Microsoft eased up on the restrictions after it found that the market preferred low-cost devices similar to the ones sold by LG and Nokia. This will result to more Windows Phone devices entering the market that has been dominated recently by the iPhone and Android devices.

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