Friday, June 8, 2012

Apple iPad May Receive Siri Virtual Assistant Service

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The Sirivirtual assistant service will be brought to the iPad together with the release of the iOS 6 mobile platform of Apple if recent reports are to be believed.

According to 9to5Mac, trusted sources have given indications that the Siri virtual assistant service, together with most of the features that are currently being used on the iPhone 4S, will be released to the iPad by fall.

Among the features that Siri will bring to the iPad are Contacts searching, Notes, Emailing, Maps Integration, iMessaging, Calendar Management, and Music Playback.

Since the accuracy of the report remains uncertain, it may be possible for the company to unveil the service during the upcoming Worldwide Developer Conference or it can also wait for the release of the iPhone 5.

The Siri virtual assistant feature was released to the iPhone 4S last October. Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, indicated that the application was being upgraded during a recent interview during the recent D10 conference. The S on the name of the iPhone 4S reportedly represented Siri, which was being promoted as one of the main features of the smartphone.

An unofficial porting of Siri into an iPad was made last October even as some developers attempted to bring the feature into the older models of the iPhone.

Aside from the upcoming release of the Siri virtual assistant service to the iPad, the same sources reportedly revealed that some features of the Mac OS X Mountain Lion will be offered by the upcoming iOS 6 mobile platform. The iOS 6 is expected to be released during the upcoming WWDC event and will come with a feature to allow users to turn off all notifications with one toggle. It will also feature the Safari tab sync feature as well as a VIP mail feature that will highlight messages coming from selected contacts.

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