Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hearing for Injunction Against Samsung Galaxy S3 Postponed

Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3
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It appears that the bid of Apple in keeping the Samsung Galaxy S3 out of the US market has been put on hold for the moment. According to District Court judge Lucy Koh, an injunction request can be filed by Apple against the latest Samsung smartphone however it will not be able to argue the case on June 21.

Apple will be compelled to file a motion for the ban of the sale of the Samsung Galaxy S3 together with the request for a schedule of hearing that will be held after June 21.

Judge Koh indicated that a number of issues have to be taken into consideration on the requested June 21 schedule of hearing. It will only add to the number of issues that have to be settled which may be too much for the court to handle. Last week both Samsung and Apple filed a proposal that requested for more briefing in connection to the Samsung Galaxy S3 at a later yet unspecified schedule

The motion for injunction against the Samsung Galaxy S3 was filed by Apple recently and it requested that it should be included on the scheduled June 21 hearing. Following this filing, Samsung filed a motion which stated that the request of Apple was late in the addition of new products to the motion for preliminary injunction.

Following this, Judge Koh indicated that the two parties agreed to have the hearing on the injunction against the Samsung Galaxy S3 moved back.

Judge Koh had earlier indicated that she did not want to be a Samsung versus Apple judge and revealed to the two parties that her docket has other cases. The injunction filed by Apple against the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the latest lawsuit that the two companies have filed against each other.

For the moment no statements were issued by either Samsung or Apple in connection to the change in the hearing schedule for the injunction filed by Apple against the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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