Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hints On Features Of The iPhone 5 Can Be Found On The iOS 6

iPhone 5
iPhone 5

Even as the iPhone 5 was nowhere to be found during the Worldwide Developers Conference of Apple, the iOS 6 may provide some clues as to what the upcoming version of the iPhone may have to offer to potential users.

Although the iOS 6 will not be available until fall and will be compatible to the iPhone 3GS and newer models of the iPhone, it does offer some features that iPhone users would like to have on their devices. Newer versions of mobile platforms offer a number of features to upcoming devices such as the still-unreleased iPhone 5 and would at times enhance the older devices to a certain degree.

The unreleased iPhone 5 will likely feature 4G LTE network support and with the FaceTime feature will be handy when there is no Wi-Fi connectivity available around the location of the user.

The upcoming iPhone 5 may come with the Passbook feature of the iOS 6. Although this feature is already available in other apps for the iPhone, it’s the first such application that Apple will offer through the iOS 6. This may allow owners of the upcoming iPhone 5 to use the device as a digital wallet thereby making the device open to other similar NFC functions.

The turn-by-turn navigation feature of the iOS 6 will allow users to use the iPhone 5 as a genuine navigation tool. Although some other apps offer similar features, just like the Passbook, this feature was developed by Apple itself, which would make it more useful for users of the upcoming version of the iPhone.

The Siri feature was initially introduced with the release of the iPhone 4S and with the enhancements made of the virtual assistant feature of Apple, it will make the upcoming iPhone 5 more fun to use.

The upcoming Maps application of Apple will have a notable 3D flyover effect that will be more effective with a larger screen. This iOS 6 feature may provide more evidence to earlier reports that the upcoming iPhone 5 will come with a larger screen. In addition to the Maps application, the offline reading-list feature on the Safari may also hint at a larger screen for the upcoming iPhone 5 since it will reportedly be better for reading.

These are just some clues that the iOS 6 have provided on what to expect from the upcoming iPhone 5. Whether these will become available on the next version of the iPhone or not remains to be seen. That is, until Apple will finally unveil the much-anticipated version of its smartphone offering into the market.

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