Thursday, May 31, 2012

Images of Supposed iPhone 5 Leaked Recently

iPhone 5
iPhone 5
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It appears that reports on a bigger display for the upcoming iPhone 5 were true, that is if the recently-leaked images are the actual components of the upcoming next-generation iPhone of Apple.

According to sources, the device that is on the leaked image is the upcoming iPhone 5 of Apple, which will be released by the company into the market before the end of theyear. Two blogs that have been monitoring Apple-related news have posted the images of the supposed iPhone 5.

The images showed the supposed casing that will be used on the upcoming iPhone 5. Part of the casing is reportedly made of aluminum and it appears bigger compared to the current model of the device. It also feature a smaller dock connector that is smaller compared to the other devices of Apple.

The supposed casing of the iPhone 5 is also bigger which suggests better sound quality while the headphone jack was moved to the bottom portion of the upcoming device. The camera in front was repositioned near the center and it also shows that another microphone will be positioned at the back.

The latest leaked images come as reports on the upcoming iPhone 5 have increased in recent weeks. It also confirms earlier reports that Apple may use aluminum for the upcoming model of the iPhone. Reports that emerged last year hinted of a device that will feature both plastic and aluminum materials for its casing and the recent images appear to confirm these reports.

The leaked images of the reported iPhone 5 indicates that potential buyers of the device will have to spend more since the accessories of earlier models of the device cannot be used on the upcoming model of the iPhone.

Since a good part of the upcoming iPhone 5 will use aluminum for its material, this will mean that the device will be more durable compared to present models of the device. This will be good news for potential owners of the device particularly users who are a bit careless in handling their devices.

However as in other earlier reports on the upcoming iPhone 5, the accuracy of the report remains uncertain until Apple will finally introduce the device into the market.

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