Sunday, June 3, 2012

Reports Hint at Bigger RAM for iPhone 5

iPhone 5
iPhone 5
The upcoming iPhone 5 may feature a bigger RAM along with enhanced graphics if the latest leak is found to be accurate.

Details of the next generation iPhone of Apple were leaked recently by 9to5Mac, which had released supposed images of the front and back of the upcoming device. The iPhone 5 is not expected to become available in the market soon but information of the upcoming device has already made its way into the net.

The information on the upcoming iPhone 5 also included some details of the iOS 6 or the next version of the mobile platform of Apple.

According to anonymous sources a prototype unit will be using the ARM S5L8950X processor, which is a model number that is higher compared to the processors used on the current models of the iPhone and iPad. However the sources have not revealed any information on its speed in comparison to that of the current processors.

The upcoming iPhone 5 will reportedly come with a 1GB RAM, which is twice that of the iPhone 4S.

The iOS 6 will also come with a newer version of its map application although the company will not be using Google Maps anymore. An earlier report from another tech site had revealed some information in connection to this particular application for the upcoming iOS 6.

Another leak has also shown a supposed blueprint of the upcoming iPhone 5. The supposed hard-copy of the blueprint reportedly shows some of the details of the upcoming iPhone 5.

Although the accuracy of these reports remain uncertain, 9to5Mac revealed that the supposed blueprint for the iPhone 5 showed some similarities to previous reports on a four-inch screen display for the device along with a new location for the FaceTime camera of the device.

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