Saturday, July 7, 2012

Leaked Roadmap Hints At BlackBerry 10 Phone Release Schedule

BlackBerry 10 Phone
BlackBerry 10 Phone
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A recently leaked roadmap from Research In Motion revealed that the company is expected to unveil its BlackBerry 10 phones next year.

The roadmap also revealed that the company is set to release a number of new products by 2013 that RIM intends to facilitate its recovery. The roadmap showed that the 4G model of the BlackBerry PlayBook may be released by winter prior to the release of the first set of BlackBerry 10 phones near the start of 2013.

Among the BlackBerry 10 phones that RIM is expected to unveil are the BlackBerry London, which will be the first touchscreen phone of the company, and the BlackBerry Nevada, which will feature a physical keyboard. The release of these upcoming BlackBerry 10 phones were postponed due to some issues facing the company in the integration of some features into the latest operating system.

The BlackBerry London may be introduced by the company in the first quarter if the plans will remain unchanged. Europe will be the first market where these upcoming BlackBerry 10 phones will be released in before they will be offered in the North American market.

In addition to the two BlackBerry 10 phones, RIM is also expected to unveil the Blackforest from between July to September of next year. The icons suggest that the upcoming device will be bigger compared to the existing model of the BlackBerry PlayBook.

The roadmap also shows two other devices that were dubbed as Naples and Nashville although no images of the two devices were shown.

RIM has experienced a drop in its share of the market which resulted to the delay in the release of its latest operating system. It remains uncertain if the upcoming bigger model of the BlackBerry PlayBook and the BlackBerry 10 phone will allow the company to gradually recover in the market that is currently dominated by Apple and Android devices.

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