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October Introduction of iPad Mini Hinted

iPad Mini
iPad Mini
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A report from Bloomberg has hinted that the smaller model of the iPad is set to be released by Apple to compete with the small tablet offerings of Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. The iPad mini will reportedly feature either a seven-inch or an eight-inch display, which is smaller compared to the original 9.7-inch screen display of the first three model of the tablet offering of Apple.

Reports have indicated that the iPad mini may be introduced by Apple by October and may be available in the market just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Although the new iPad features the Retina display, reports have indicated that the upcoming iPad mini will not come with this high resolution display. This may be a vital feature of the upcoming iPad mini as it attempts to compete against the Amazon Kindle Fire and the recently-introduced Google Nexus 7 tablet. Both of these Android-powered tablets have a rather low price tag that starts at around $199. In comparison, the iPad of Apple is priced at around $499 for the most basic model.

In addition to the Android-powered tablets, the upcoming iPad mini will have to deal with a number of tablets using the Windows 8 OS of Microsoft, which will reportedly be released within the year. The Microsoft Surface tablet signals the upcoming release of these Windows 8-powered tablets although it is bigger and supposedly costlier compared to the iPad of Apple.

The smaller-sized iPad mini is not consistent with earlier pronouncements by the late Steve Jobs who indicated that the size of the current iPad is the perfect size for a tablet. If the size is made smaller, it will supposedly not make the device usable.

However it appears that the company is not beholden to the late Apple founder with the upcoming introduction of the iPad mini. It should also be taken into account that the tablet market is still being dominated by the iPad of Apple even before reports on the upcoming iPad mini started to emerge. The company has been more pro-active rather than being re-active when it comes to its products although the upcoming iPad mini may hint at a possible change in the direction that the company is going.

Despite the increasing number of reports on the supposed iPad mini, Apple has yet to make any statements that would confirm its existence. In the end, it remains uncertain if the smaller model of the iPad will indeed be released into the market until it is officially launched by the company.

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