Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Apple iPad Mini May Be Launched By October

iPad Mini
iPad Mini
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The 7.85-inch iPad mini may be introduced by Apple by fall if an analyst from Pacific Crest is to be believed. According to Andy Hargreaves, Apple may unveil the upcoming 8GB device by fall at a price tag of around $299.

Sales of the reported iPad mini are also anticipated to reach around ten million units within the year.

According to Hargreaves, Apple is expected to offer the iPad mini before the end of the year and sales are expected to reach around ten million units by the end of December. Sales for 2013 of the reported iPad mini are anticipated to reach around 35 million units.

Offering the iPad mini into the market is expected to affect around 25 percent of the sales of the bigger model of the device as the company has reduced the projected sales of the bigger iPad.

Numerous reports have emerged on the possibility that Apple will be offering a seven-inch model of the iPad although the company has not made any statements in connection to the reports.

According to the Mobile Connected Devices research director of IDC, Tom Mainelli, the company is expected to increase its dominance in the market once it will release the iPad mini. The company will increase its share with the introduction of a seven-inch product into the market that has a price tag of under $300.

Apple may discontinue the $399 iPad 2 and opt to offer a 16GB model of the iPad mini with a similar price tag, Hargreaves added. The upcoming device is expected to be introduced by the company by October, which will offer an oxide TFT screen, smaller battery, and a repositioned camera.

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