Sunday, July 22, 2012

Raspberry Pi Production Improves

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi
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At least 4,000 units of the Raspberry Pi are being produced every day in order to meet the demand for the mini-computer. According to Eben Upton, founder of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, around 4,000 units of the device are being produced every day to keep up with the demand even as a backlog is still being noted up to now.

Upton indicated that the foundation is hoping that the increase in production of the Raspberry Pi will allow it to reduce the backlog. They are looking forward to delivering the Raspberry Pi unit the day after a consumer purchases the unit.

Sales of the Raspberry Pi have already reached around 200,000 units and it expects the figure to reach around one million within the year. Around half of the total number of orders was reportedly for the United Kingdom although Upton indicated that he is hoping to expand the market to the United States.

Instead of introducing a new model of the Raspberry Pi, the foundation has focus on the enhancement of the software.  The recently-produced models of the device reportedly offer a four-fold enhancement in the performance compared to the models that were released in April.

In addition to announcing the increase in production and enhanced software, the foundation also revealed that a camera module will be added into the device. The camera module will feature a five-megapixel sensor and will be available by October. The camera for the Raspberry Pi will reportedly be priced at around $25 and will allow the device to record images and videos.

Although the introduction of the Raspberry Pi experienced a number of setbacks, some industry watchers are elated to see that the device is doing well in the market. However Upton indicated that foundation still has to work on its original purpose for the Raspberry Pi, which is to change the way computer science is being taught in schools.

The foundation still has a lot of work to be able to bring the Raspberry Pi into the hands of schoolchildren.

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