Thursday, July 5, 2012

Samsung Galaxy SIII of AT&T Set To Enter The Market By July 6

Samsung Galaxy SIII
Samsung Galaxy SIII
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Even as Samsung is facing a patent violation lawsuit filed by Apple against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the Samsung Galaxy Tab, the Samsung Galaxy SIII will be finally released into the US market.

A recent announcement by AT&T revealed that the latest flagship smartphone of the South Korean company will be released into the United States on Friday, July 6.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII will be offered by the US-based mobile service provider at a price tag of $199.99 that requires the typical two-year service contract. The 4G LTE speed of the Samsung Galaxy SIII along with its sleek design, 4.8-inch screen display, notable camera as well as the software that comes with it have earned it good reviews among industry watchers.

Samsung had indicated earlier that global sales of the Samsung Galaxy SIII are projected to reach ten million in July basing on the sales of the smartphone in the European and Asian markets.

Although the specific figures remain uncertain, a number of research companies have hinted at the possibility that sales of Samsung smartphones will increase before the year ends due to the high demand for smartphones in the market.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII will be available in three color options, blue, white and red. The red color option for the Samsung Galaxy SIII will be exclusive to AT&T. The mobile service provider will be offering the 16GB model of the latest flagship smartphone of Samsung.

Pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy SIII have already been processed by AT&T, which made the confirmation that thousands of consumers have supposedly pre-ordered the upcoming smartphone.

In addition to AT&T, Verizon is anticipated to release the Samsung Galaxy SIII into the market by July 10. Verizon boasts of the most extensive LTE coverage in the United States, which will be one of its come-ons for potential buyers of the device.

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