Monday, July 9, 2012

URL Reports Result To Speculations On Xbox 720


A number of speculations have emerged in connection to the upcoming Xbox 720 game console of Microsoft even as the company has indicated that 2012 will be focused on the Xbox 360.

The most recent speculation connected to the reported Xbox 720 game console has been linked to the effort of Microsoft in trying to gain control of the Xbox 8 domain names. According to reports, the company has reportedly been given control over the and domain names by the National Arbitration Forum, which was previously held by a China-based cyber-squatter.

However it should also be noted that the deal for the transfer of control of the two domain names also involved other domain names including,,, and

However a gaming website,, indicated that once the number eight is turned to its side, it shows the symbol for infinity. This resulted to some speculations of a possible Xbox Infinity instead of the Xbox 720 although another website has also indicated that the Xbox will celebrate its eighth birthday next year.

Another possible possibility is that the deal may be linked to the Windows 8 OS of Microsoft, which is set to be released soon instead of the reported Xbox 720. The company recently gave indications that the Xbox Live is set to be offered on its soon-to-be-released operating system.

However it may also be possible that the reports may indicate that the company is simply trying to protect its trademarks and may not be connected to a possible Xbox 8 or the supposed Xbox 720. It should be noted that companies normally purchase URLs that may be linked to its products.

Documents that were leaked recently have given indications that the next game console of Microsoft will be called the Xbox 720 and it will feature a number of software and hardware upgrades.

The leaked documents also hinted that the possibility that the upcoming Xbox 720 will be released prior to the holiday shopping season in 2013.

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