Sunday, August 19, 2012

Digital Download Sales To Exceed Physical Media Sales Soon

Electronic Arts
Electronic Arts

Although digital download sales continue to increase in the gaming world, Electronic Arts has indicated that it will continue to support physical media users of their products.

Digital download sales are expected to increase and eventually surpass physical sales of games in the future, according to EA, which is currently increasing its focus on digital download sales as compared to physical media sales. This will result to an increase in the mobile games as well as free-to-play games in the near future.

According to Peter Moore, the chief operating officer of EA, digital download sales are expected to increase up to a point where it will exceed sales of physical media, which may come in two or three years.

The maker of Crysis 3, The Sims 3, and Battlefield indicated is set to offer over forty social mobile as well as free-to-play games for the current fiscal year. Moore also indicated that the company may increase its lineup of such games within the year. App and games manufacturer are gradually increasing their presence in a number of app and mobile device stores that offer digital downloads like the Google Play Store, App Store of Apple and Steam.

The number of registered users on the digital download platform of EA has increased recently from around 11 million last May to around 21 million a few months after.  Despite this massive increase in digital download users, the company has indicated that it will still continue to service physical media gamers.

Moore indicated that it will continue to provide services to the users of traditional gaming media, who want to continue using discs instead of making digital downloads of the games they want to play.

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