Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Latest Report Point To October Launch For iPad Mini

iPad Mini
iPad Mini
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Earlier reports had pointed to a September 12 launch of the iPad Mini alongside the iPhone 5 of Apple.  However a recent report has pointed to a possible launch of the smaller version of the iPad in October.

The report indicated that the iPad Mini will be launched by Apple in October after the September 12 launch of the next-generation iPhone. This was revealed recently by citing a number of anonymous sources.

Numerous reports in the past had pointed to an event that is scheduled to be held on September 12 that will introduce the iPad Mini together with the iPhone 5. Reports have even indicated that the new iPhone will become available for consumers by September 21.

However the wisdom of the September 12 launch event for the two Apple products was questioned by some industry watchers since it may water down some of the excitement in the release of one device. But these reports remain uncertain since Apple has not even officially confirmed the existence of the iPad Mini or the iPhone 5.

If the October launch date for the iPad Mini is accurate, it may allow Apple to focus its promotional work on the iPhone 5 in September before introducing the smaller version of the iPad by October.

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