Sunday, August 26, 2012

Should Apple Launch the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini In One Event?

iPhone 5
iPhone 5

Recent reports have pointed to the possible same day launch for the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini of Apple. The two new Apple products will reportedly be introduced by the tech giant on September 12.

Previous product launches of Apple have been quite dramatic and some industry watchers are thinking that the iPad Mini may be the ‘one more thing’ that the company will offer during the launch of the iPhone 5. Initial sentiments on the possible launch of the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini on September 12 were positive even as speculations were raised on the possibility that the company will also introduce the latest model of the iPod Nano.

However a Philadelphia-based writer has wondered out loud whether Apple will be introducing the two products at the event. John Gruber reportedly indicated that Apple may not want reviews for the two devices to come out at around the same time.

Gruber indicated that it may be possible that two events may be held by Apple when it will introduce the two products. One event will feature the iPhone 5 together with the iOS 6 while the second event will feature the iPad Mini along with a new model of the iPod Touch.

Introducing the two devices at the same time will likely put a number of die-hard Apple fans in a quandary. It may have a significant effect on their budget particularly those who have a fixed salary, which may not be enough to cover the cost of acquiring both the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini.

The iPhone 5 may be considered by a number of industry watchers as one of the must-have products of Apple and offering the iPad Mini together with it may water down the excitement over the next generation smartphone offering of Apple. It may also give Apple enthusiasts something to look forward to especially with the successful release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the global market.

However it may also be possible that the iPhone 5 may not meet the expectations of everyone and offering the iPad Mini may reduce any dissatisfaction that consumers have for the next version of the iPhone.

All of these, of course are speculative until Apple will finally launch the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini next month. In the end, Apple will likely offer a device that will have consumers wanting for more.

According to recent reports the iPhone 5 will become available in stores by September 21 and the iPad Mini will also appear on store shelves at around the same time.

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