Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Xbox May Come By 2014


A new Xbox by 2014? This was hinted recently in a job posting on the Careers Website of Microsoft before it was removed. The job posting reportedly showed that the company was looking for a marketing professional who will work on new versions of some significant products of the company.

The job posting reportedly included the Xbox in addition to Windows, Office and Microsoft Surface.

Reports on a new Xbox have emerged in recent months with some calling it as the Xbox 720 and will reportedly be released in the coming year. The marketing professional will reportedly work on the new versions of the products of the company including the new Xbox over the next eighteen months. This gives indications that the new Xbox may see the light of day near the end of 2013 or the early part of 2014.

The job posting of Microsoft did not give any indications on the specific timeframe of the release of the products, which means that the new Xbox may become available within the eighteen-month timeframe.

The latest indications of the possible release of the next-generation Xbox follows a confidential MS PowerPoint file that was leaked into the net last June. The leaked file supposedly showed the future plans of the software giant for its game console. However the file was quickly removed through the efforts of the lawyers of the company.

The file reportedly gave indications that the new Xbox will be released during the holiday shopping season of 2013 and will have a price tag of around $299.

In addition to the possible new Xbox of Microsoft, the Wii U of Nintendo will reportedly be released within the year while the next-generation Sony PlayStation will enter the market either next year or sometime in 2014. The recent reports on the new Xbox remain uncertain since no confirmations were made by the company in connection to the next version of its game console.

In connection to the recent job posting linked to the new Xbox the company indicated that it is constantly looking for individuals with the talent to make innovations for its products although it has remained mum on the recently removed job posting on its Careers Website.

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