Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rear-View Image of iPad Mini Emerges

iPad Mini
iPad Mini
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A few weeks prior to the supposed introduction of the iPad Mini saw an image of the upcoming smaller model of the tablet offering of Apple appearing in a micro-blogging site based in China. Although the image was rather dark, it was probably the closest view of the back view of the upcoming device that has emerged so far.

The image showed that the supposed iPad Mini will not have a camera at the back although it may not be much of a problem since its most likely competitors also do not come with the same feature.

The authenticity of the image remains uncertain since the one who posted the supposed iPad Mini image has not made any similar postings in the past that leaked Apple products. However the Apple logo on the supposed iPad Mini appeared real while the design looks similar to the current model of the iPad.

Recent reports have hinted that the smaller model of the iPad will be introduced by Apple by September 12 although the company has not made any confirmations on the supposed launch date. In addition to the iPad Mini, the iPhone 5 will reportedly be introduced by the company at around the same date.

The upcoming iPad Mini contradicts the pronouncements of the late Steve Jobs that a seven-inch tablet is too small to fully optimize its features. However a recent report indicated that the late Apple co-founder was receptive on the notion of offering a smaller device according to Eddie Cue of Apple. An email correspondence reportedly revealed this supposed change of heart by Jobs, who was also known to change his mind at times.

The upcoming iPad Mini will reportedly feature a seven-inch display screen and is considered as the main competitor to the rather successful Amazon Kindle Fire and the recently released Google Nexus 7 tablet.

Since the two small-sized tablets have a rather low price, industry watchers are hoping for Apple to keep the price tag of the upcoming iPad Mini at around the same price range.

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