Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sales of iPhone 5 Expected to Reach 170 Million

iPhone 5
iPhone 5 

An analyst from Asymco revealed that Apple may sell around 170 million units of the iPhone 5 by the middle of next year. According to Horace Dediu of Asymco, around 200 million iPhone units will be sold until next year and around 85 percent of this will be the next generation iPhone.

Deidu used the same market analysis that he used in the past and 170 million of the 200 million units of the iPhone sold will be the upcoming iPhone 5.

Deidu used the explanation of Paul Schiller, the marketing head of Apple, when he came up with the sales figures for the iPhone 5. Schller indicated that the number of units that the company will sell for the next generation iPhone will be approximately the similar to the combined sales of the earlier models of the device.

Basing on the statement of Schiller during the legal battle between Apple and Samsung, Dediu discovered that sales of the iPhone 3G was around four times more than the original model of the device while the iPhone 3GS sales was 1.6 more than the sales of the iPhone 3G and the original model of the iPhone.

Similarly, the iPhone 4 outsold the three earlier models of the device while the iPhone 4S is already halfway through the total sales of the first four models of the device.

Deidu thinks that sales of the iPhone 5 may go beyond the 200 million mark in the next two years. It may even go beyond the 250 million mark depending on the marketing strategy of Apple for the upcoming iPhone 5. The upcoming iPhone 5 will reportedly be launched by Apple by next month along with a smaller model of the iPad.

A number of speculations, leaks, and analysis are expected to emerged in the coming weeks leading to the release of the iPhone 5 although none of these will be certain until the company will finally release the device into the market.

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