Monday, July 23, 2012

Latest Leaked iPhone 5 Images

iPhone 5
iPhone 5
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It appears that the upcoming iPhone 5 may not have much of a different appearance compared to the current model basing on leaked images that were posted recently by a blog based in Taiwan.

The images posted on showed a front view of the case for the iPhone 5 which shows a space that may be for a home button, which a consistent feature on the iPhone. It also shows the hole that was used for the camera meant for the FaceTime video-calling feature was moved to the center of the device.

The supposed leaked image of the iPhone 5 case is consistent with earlier leaks since it shows that the size and the design is somewhat different compared to the current model. The bigger display on the reported iPhone 5 will give it a screen ratio of 16:9 when the device is turned to its side.

The screen display of the upcoming iPhone 5 is expected to have a diagonal measurement of around four inches. The current model of the device has a screen size of 3.5 inches. The leaked images also hint at the possibility that the upcoming device will have a white-colored model.

An earlier leaked image showed the rear view of the iPhone 5 case, which also showed its longer shape along with a smaller dock connector. The dock connector will reportedly give the device more space for the components inside the device. The space may be used for a bigger battery or additional components that may enhance the performance of the device. However this new dock connector on the upcoming iPhone 5 may also mean that the current dock connectors and cables are practically useless.

A recent report has indicated that production of the iPhone 5 has already started and a number of cases were reportedly posted on the online retail site based in China. The next-generation iPhone is anticipated to make its debut by September or in October.

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