Friday, August 10, 2012

Screen Displays For iPhone 5 To Be Delivered Within The Month

iPhone 5
iPhone 5

Following the appearance of images showing an assembled iPhone 5 recently, Sharp has reportedly revealed that the screen displays for the next-generation iPhone is set to be delivered to Apple within the month.

The Japanese manufacturer made the revelation during a press briefing that was held in Tokyo recently. The announcement was made by Takashi Okuda, the president of Sharp, who indicated that the screen displays for the next smartphone offering of Apple will be delivered within August.

Although the smartphone was not named, it is presumably the much-awaited iPhone 5. Even as Okuda made the revelation, he did not give any details on the screen display of the iPhone 5 including the screen size of the upcoming device.

Earlier reports had speculated on the possibility that the upcoming iPhone 5 will feature a four-inch screen display, which will make it bigger compared to the screen size of the current model of the device. Although the upcoming iPhone 5 will have a bigger screen display, it will reportedly have a similar width as the current model of the device, which would make it taller compared to the existing model of the iPhone.

The upcoming iPhone 5 may use the IGZO technology of Sharp, although it remains uncertain since no specifications were released by the company. Sharp had earlier revealed that it was going to make the IGZO technology available for mobile devices, which has resulted to speculations that Apple will be among the first companies to use it. The technology will allow the device to use lesser energy while increasing the pixel transparency.

The announcement of Sharp of the release of screen displays for an upcoming smartphone from Apple has given some credence to reports that the iPhone 5 may be released into the market before the end of the year. Reports had hinted of a possible launch of the iPhone 5 by September 12 and will become available in the market by September 21.

No statements were released by Apple in connection to the possibility that the iPhone 5 was the smartphone that will be using the screen displays that Sharp is set to deliver within the month.

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