Monday, October 1, 2012

Purple Halo Effect Noted On iPhone 5 Camera Images

iPhone 5
iPhone 5
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As consumers are gradually getting their hands on the iPhone 5, it appears that the latest version of the smartphone offering of Apple has shown some issues on the screen and the images themselves.

According to reports, a purple halo would appear on the camera after it is aimed at a bright light source. Forum users on AnandTech have reportedly indicated that the issue appears if the camera of the iPhone 5 is pointed towards a light source that is bright, like an incandescent light or the sun. After the camera is moved to put the light source out of the screen, the camera will show a purple halo. The same purple halo will reportedly appear on the images that are taken.

One forum user showed some iPhone 5 images that had the artificial light source and the sun off screen. The purple halo appeared on the images. Another forum user also posted a video that showed the purple halo lens flare.

However, it appears that the iPhone 5 image glitch was not true to all users, which is typical when it comes to glitches on newly-released devices. But a user has indicated that Apple support had revealed that the issue was widespread and the company is reportedly investigating it. Apple support has reportedly revealed that many users have called in connection to this latest issue on the iPhone 5.

A number of forum users have indicated that the issue may have been caused by the camera’s sapphire crystal lens cover. The material was used to protect the lens from being scratched. Another report indicated that since sapphire is available in numerous colors, the purple halo glitch may have been caused by light being refracted through a sapphire lens colored purple.

No other forum has mentioned this particular issue on the iPhone 5. Therefore it is not easy to know how widespread the problem is. For the moment Apple has yet to release an official statement on the latest issue that has emerged following the launch of the iPhone 5.

The purple halo is the most recent issue in connection to the iPhone 5. Earlier issues that were reported by owners of the latest model of the iPhone include static lines found on the keyboard, light leaks, and scrapes along the edges of the device.

Apple has not made any official statements on the reported issues that affected the iPhone 5. However Phil Schiller, the marketing head of the company reportedly indicated that chips and scratches on the latest model of the iPhone is normal for a product made of aluminum.

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