Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Production of iPhone 5 Delayed by New Display

iPhone 5
iPhone 5
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People who are still waiting for their iPhone 5 units will have something to blame for the delay, the new display of the latest iPhone offering of Apple.

When Apple decided to use the slimmer and lighter touchscreen display for the iPhone 5, it has resulted to the four week backlog of the device. The in-cell screen technology used by Apple merges the display and the touch sensors into one component, which allowed the iPhone 5 to become slimmer.

Even as this new feature has allowed Apple to sell five million units of the iPhone 5 in three days, it has also resulted to the delay in the release of the device since it is not easy to manufacture compared to the screen displays of the previous models of the iPhone.

According to the Tom Dinges, senior principal analyst of HIS iSuppli, the launch of the iPhone 5 is similar to the initial weekend opening of a summer blockbuster movie. It was necessary to release numerous products in a rather tight window, and the supply issues had some effect on this.

Japan Display and LG Display are the manufacturers of the displays for the iPhone 5. However, Apple has also contracted Sharp to help in the production of the screen displays. The supply issue may not last for long since Apple will likely be given preference when it comes to new components.

Time Cook, CEO of Apple had announced that the company is working on releasing the iPhone 5 units to its customers as soon as possible. Even though sell-outs were widely-noted, regular deliveries of the device were made to the stores.

The company is still making money despite some issues on the supply chain. A recent teardown of the iPhone 5 by HIS iSupply revealed that the 16GB model of the latest iPhone offering of the company costs around $207 to manufacture. This confirmed earlier reports in the possible cost of production of the next-generation iPhone.

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