Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hack Day For Raspberry Pi Scheduled

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi
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The Raspberry Pi was well-received following its release into the market early this year. Even though a minor glitch affected its release, it became an instant hit among tech enthusiasts who were looking for something new.

Now it appears that the same tech enthusiasts who snapped up the Raspberry Pi will be given a chance to show their skills in enhancing the popular ARM computer. A Raspberry Pi hackathon is scheduled to be held by CPC, an electronics distributor, to look for an individual or team who can produce the best innovation for the mini-computer.

One hundred entries will be accepted for the Raspberry Pi hack day where they will be able to use the board, soldering irons, internet access, and their coding skills. Participants should complete their project within 24 hours before the winners of the different categories will be announced by the judges.

The categories for the Raspberry Pi hack day are the “Best Software Hack” Best Hardware Hack”, “Best Game”, “Best Individual,” and “Best Team”. Winners of each category will receive prizes that include Android tablets, camcorders, and the H107 Hubsan Quadcopter.

A tour of the Welsh factory of Sony where the device is manufacturer will also be waiting for the best overall winner of the hack day. According to David Deventer, the marketing head of CPC, the Raspberry Pi has revolutionized the tech market and the company aims to host the first hack-day in the UK to celebrate the popular device.

The Raspberry Pi Hack Day will is scheduled to be held on December 1 and December 2 at the Munro House in Leeds.

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