Thursday, November 29, 2012

Reports on Samsung Galaxy S4 Continue To Emerge

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Although the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has made an impact in the mobile device market recently, it does not appear that the South Korean manufacturer is resting on its laurels. Reports on the possible Samsung Galaxy S4 have started to increase lately.

In fact some reports have hinted at the possibility that the supposed Samsung Galaxy S4 will make its appearance during the Consumer Electronics Show in January or at the Mobile World Congress on February. Some reports have even given hints on the possible display and camera of the supposed Samsung Galaxy S4.

One report indicated that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature a five-inch HD display screen with a 1920 x 1080 resolution. This indicates that the supposed successor to the current flagship smartphone of Samsung will have a pixel density of 445 PPI, which is bigger compared to the 306 PPI of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Another report hinted at the possibility that the upcoming smartphone will feature a 13MP camera.

The accuracy of these reports on the supposed Samsung Galaxy S4 remains uncertain even as the South Korean company launched its latest smartphones in a number of international markets. The Samsung Galaxy S3 was launched in London last May while the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was announced by the company in Berlin during the IFA event.

Some industry watchers have indicated that it may be logical for the South Korean company to launch the Samsung Galaxy S4 during the Mobile World Congress is more logical than unveiling it at the CES next year. The reported Samsung Galaxy S4 may face competition from a number of Android-powered smartphones that will be launched into the market soon as well as the Windows Phone 8 devices that will reportedly be launched early next year.

Samsung has not issued any statements in connection to the reports of the supposed upcoming launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

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