Sunday, November 11, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Outsells iPhone 4S In The Third Quarter

Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3
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The third quarter saw the Samsung Galaxy S3 topping the smartphone market as it delivered more units compared to the iPhone 4S of Apple.

Figures from Strategy Analytics saw 18 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S3 being delivered during the third quarter as it copped eleven percent of the smartphone market. However, the iPhone 4S followed the flagship smartphone of the South Korean company with around 16.2 million units delivered. Industry watchers have hinted that the reason for the smaller number of iPhone 4S deliveries compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3 was the fact the many consumers were already anticipating the release of the iPhone 5 into the market.

However it appears that consumers have continued to snap up the Samsung Galaxy S3 as the South Korean company recently indicated that total sales of the smartphone has reached 30 million units. The Samsung Galaxy S3 was initially launched by the company last May in an event held in London and became available in the market soon after. The large-sized touch screen of the device appealed to numerous consumers, along with the generous subsidies provided by network providers.

On the other hand, the iPhone 5 of Apple was released into the market on September 21, which was in the last part of the third quarter. Despite its late release, around six million units of the device were delivered by Apple and it is expected to out-deliver the Samsung Galaxy S3 by the fourth quarter. This may allow Apple to take back the title of the most popular smartphone in the market.  A recent statement from Apple indicated that iPhone sales have reached 26.9 million in the quarter although it did not specify the number each model had sold.

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