Friday, December 7, 2012

Google Nexus 4 Available On Google Play Europe

Google Nexus 4
Google Nexus 4
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At the heels of the resumption of Google Nexus 4 sales in the US, this popular smartphone offering of Google has become available at the Google Play stores in Europe.

The 8GB Google Nexus 4 will be available for delivery in the UK within five weeks time, while the 16GB model can be delivered within two weeks. Images and information about the notices released by Google were posted by Reddit users. The notice informed consumers that the inventory of the Google Nexus 4 at the Google Play store in Europe has been replenished

The Google Nexus 4, which is manufactured by LG, sold out within a few minutes after it became available in the market. Due to this, potential buyers had to wait for some time before stocks of the device were replenished by the manufacturer. The smartphone uses an unadulterated version of the Jelly Bean Android OS. Despite the absence of 4G LTE capabilities, the Google Nexus 4 remained popular in the market.

This popularity may have caught up with the supply once again as reports have indicated that stocks of the Google Nexus 4 in the US market is running low. Stocks of the 8GB model of the device have apparently been sold out a few days after Google announced its replenished inventory of the device. On the other hand the 16GB model will reportedly be delivered to users within six-weeks-time.

The unlocked smartphone offering of Google was initially available in the market last November 13 with the 8GB model priced at around $300. The 16GB model of the Google Nexus 4 costs around $350.

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