Saturday, December 8, 2012

Images Of Possible iPhone 5S Leaked

iPhone 5S
iPhone 5S
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Even before the supply of the iPhone 5 has fully stabilized, it appears that Apple may already be working on the next model of its smartphone offering, the iPhone 5S., a France-based website, reportedly found images of what may be the iPhone 5S on a forum. The leaked images show a device that has a similar exterior to the Apple iPhone 5 although it has a number of slight modifications.

However some industry watchers are suggesting that the supposed image of the iPhone 5S may have been a prototype of the iPhone 5 since the current model of the iPhone has only been in the market for a few months.

The supposed iPhone 5S also has an ‘x’ mark at the location where information about the device is supposed to be positioned. The image also shows that the screws have a different location compared to the iPhone 5, which will be released into fifty more countries before the end of the year.

For the moment, Apple has not issued any statements in connection to the supposed image of the iPhone 5S. A China Times report last month hinted at the possibility that trial production for the next model of the iPhone has already started. The supposed iPhone 5S will reportedly be available in the market within the first quarter of the coming year. However, for the past two years the latest models of the iPhone were released by Apple in the fall.

Reports of the supposed iPhone 5S has started to emerge with some indicated that it will offer minor enhancements to the current model of the device in the same way the iPhone 4S offered internal enhancements rather than modifications on its design.

Competition has started to become tighter in the smartphone market as a good number of Android smartphones are released into the market offering innovative designs. But if no official statements are released by Apple, the accuracy of the reports about the supposed iPhone 5S will remain uncertain.

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