Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Premium Suite Coming To Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3
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The current Android-powered flagship smartphone of Samsung is set to receive a Premium Suite upgrade. A video was unveiled recently revealing the features that are set to be released for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is considered as the one of the most popular Android-powered smartphones that is currently available in the market. The third quarter saw shipments reaching 18 million units, which is much higher compared to the 5.4 million shipped units in the second quarter.

The features on the smartphone prior to the Premium Suite upgrade have attracted a number of users to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S3. It appears that the coming upgrade may further increase its appeal in the market.

Among the features on the upgrade is the Page Buddy feature that allows the device to enhance user experience based on the actions of the users of the smartphone. For instance, if earphones are plugged into the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Page Buddy feature will start loading the music player. The Premium Suite upgrade also brings the multi-window feature into the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Premium Suite upgrade will also bring a contextual menu feature into the Samsung Galaxy S3. The feature will display the most frequently used applications of the users instead of showing the complete list of applications. Users will also be able to share web pages and modify the size of text through the Reader Mode feature.

Facebook fanatics will also find the Facebook Lock Ticker appealing since it will display the social news feed of the user on the lock screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Although the South Korean company unveiled the Premium Suite upgrade for the Samsung Galaxy S3 through the video, the specific release date has yet to be revealed. The release date of the update will depend on the mobile service provider and the country where the users are currently located.

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