Friday, December 7, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 Of AT&T Receives Android 4.1 Update

Samsung Galaxy S3
Samsung Galaxy S3
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The Jelly Bean Android 4.1 OS was finally released to the Samsung Galaxy S3 of AT&T. The availability of the latest version of the Android OS was confirmed by the mobile service provider recently.

The JellyBean Android update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 of AT&T will be released through the Samsung Kies software and will not be available as an over-the-air download. Users who do not have the Samsung Kies software can download the update through the website of the South Korean manufacturer.

After installing the Jelly Bean Android update into their Samsung Galaxy S3 units, users are asked to connect the smartphone into a PC and visit the support site of the smartphone manufacturer. They will have to go through the step-by-step procedure on the page.

Samsung advised Samsung Galaxy S3 users to fully charge their units since the upgrade will not be completed if the charge level falls below fifty percent.

According to Ryan Lee, the product manager of AT&T, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be enhanced with the Android 4.1 update, which will also offer a number of new features into the smartphone. Among the enhancements that the Android 4.1 update will bring to the Samsung Galaxy S3 include an improvement in Image quality under low light conditions while the notifications feature will be improved. The device will also receive some new features including Google Now.

Users will also have the capability of disabling notifications, incoming calls, and alarms at a specific time period.

The Android 4.1 update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 will also simplify user experience through the Easy Mode while texting and typing will be made simple through the Swype keyboard.

In addition to the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S3, the update is also available to the Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint versions of the smartphone.

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