Monday, December 3, 2012

Unlocked iPhone 5 Available In The US Market

iPhone 5
iPhone 5
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One of the things that turn off some consumers when they purchase an iPhone is getting tied down to a two-year service contract with a particular mobile service provider. However it appears that Apple is reportedly making an unlocked iPhone 5 available in the US market, although it will require a bigger initial cash-out for the buyers.

The unlocked iPhone 5 is already available on the Apple Store as consumers are given the choice of getting an unlocked model of the smartphone without the usual two-year contract. The prices of this unlocked iPhone 5 are $649, $749, and $849 for the 16GB, 32GB and the 64GB model. This is higher compared to getting one with the two-year contract. An iPhone 5 that is subsidized by a mobile service provider starts at $199.

Consumers will be able to use any nano-SIM cards from any of the mobile service providers that support the unlocked iPhone 5.

The unlocked iPhone 5 will still have all the features of the iPhone that is locked to a two-year contract, according to the description of Apple for the unlocked model. Getting this model is beneficial for users who frequently travel abroad since they can easily use the nano-SIM of a mobile service provider at their destination.

Apple launched the iPhone 5 last September and it featured a new design, a better processor, and was slimmer and longer compared to its predecessors. The iPhone 5 is also lighter compared to the earlier versions of the device.

The unlocked iPhone 5 is reportedly compatible with the nano-SIMS of T-Mobile and AT&T.

In addition to the reports about the unlocked iPhone 5, it appears that the supply of the smartphone is getting better since orders from the online shop of Apple will only entail a one-week wait for US consumers. This is a major improvement from the initial one-month wait when the device was initially launched into the market.

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