Saturday, April 20, 2013

Google Glass Specs Released

Google Glass
Google Glass
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Hot on the heels of the report that the Google Glass will be made available for developers, the online search giant has released the technical specifications of the augmented reality eyewear.

The upcoming device will feature storage of 16GB where the five-megapixel images can be stored. It is also capable of recording 720p videos. The details were released recently to developers who receive the Explorer edition of the device. A number of developers who shelled out $1,500 each will receive the device, which was gradually being released by the company.

The augmented reality eyewear will also come with a 16GB Flash storage that is synched with the Google cloud storage with 12GB available for use. Connectivity options for Google Glass include Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. The device will also be able to SMS and GPS messaging with using the MyGlass companion application, but this is limited to devices using the Android 4.0.3 OS.

The nose pad of the device can be adjusted and each user will have two additional nose pads in two different sizes. The frame will fit well with any face type. The display resolution is similar to a 25-inch HD screen viewed from a distance of eight feet. The battery life of Google Glass can last for one whole day for ordinary usage.

Google Glass is also compatible with any smartphone that has Bluetooth capability.

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