Monday, April 8, 2013

Google Glass Video Shows Behind The “Glass” Scenes

Google Glass
Google Glass
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Hot on the heels of a report indicating a possible rival to Google Glass, the internet search giant released a video presentation showing what it’s like when you wear its intelligent eyewear device.

According to Timothy Jordan, a Google developer advocate, the Project Glass product of Google is a means by which people can go beyond current technology in the market. It’s a rather revolutionary device although not surprising with the pace technology has advanced in the past few years.

The concept behind the wearable augmented reality device from Google is explained further through the video that was recorded during the presentation of Jordan during the South by Southwest event that was held a month ago.

Jordan indicated in the video that Project Glass is linked to the relationship of people with technology. It was about technology that is within reach when it is needed but stays out of sight when it is not needed. Project Glass deals with the fact that technology may get in the way of the everyday life of people even if it is not needed for the moment. It is present when it is needed but does not get in the way when it is not needed.

The video shows the features offered by Google Glass. These features include recording videos and images, chatting, getting directions and searching the net for some answers. He also shows the Mirror API of the project and how the device works. It also shows what users can see when they use Google Glass.

Jordan says that Google Glass will seamlessly become a part of the daily life of a person since it is worn on the face of the user. In comparison, people would have to take out their smartphone from wherever they put it in before they can actually use it.

He added that since Project Glass brings technology closer to the user, it can be made unobtrusive to the everyday life of the user.

Although Jordan revealed that Google Glass is still in its development stage and may not be finished anytime soon, reports have hinted at the possibility that it will become available in the market before the end of the year.

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