Monday, April 22, 2013

Limitations Set For Google Glass Explorer Edition

Google Glass
Google Glass
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Developers who will receive the Google Glass Explorer Edition will have to think twice before they resell or even simply allow other people to borrow the device due to a provision on the terms of service for the augmented reality eyewear.

Apparently the online search giant has thought about all possible circumstances when it will release the device to developers. The terms of service indicate that the device will be deactivated if it will be loaned or resold to someone else by the developer. Developers had to shell out $1,500 for the opportunity to use the device ahead of everybody else.

The rule for the Google Glass Explorer Edition is quite specific since it tells developers that they cannot resell, transfer, loan or even simply give the device to another person. If they do this without the authorization from Google, the internet search giant can deactivate the device, and the developer will not get any refund from the company. They will also not get any product warranty or support for it.

This is not the only restriction that the company has in place for the Google Glass Explorer Edition. Since majority of the revenue of the company comes from advertisements, or around 95 percent, it also prevents developers from creating advertisements on the much-anticipated wearable device. The so-called “Glassware” developers are prohibited from including advertisements or charge users when they download applications for the device.

Google released the terms of service recently together with the programming interface the developers will use in creating applications for the augmented reality eyewear and the Mirror API documentation. The specifications for the device were also released by the internet search giant as the Google Glass Explorer Edition was gradually released to its users.

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