Friday, April 26, 2013

Reports Point To Metal For Next Samsung Galaxy Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4
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Metal may be the way to go for the next Samsung Galaxy smartphone if latest reports will be proven to be accurate.

Reports have hinted at the possibility that the South Korean company is troubled that the build quality of the HTC One and the Apple iPhone has made its flagship smartphone appear to be cheap. Although the millions of Galaxy smartphone owners may disagree with this assessment, there are a number of consumers that see plastic as something that is passé.

Although most of these consumers may not be able to afford a Galaxy smartphone with their allowance, a blog has indicated that there are reports hinting at the possibility that Samsung is thinking of using a different material for the next Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

The class evoked by the metal iPhone and the HTC One may have instilled the idea that metal is the better material to be used for a smartphone. The report also fueled rumors that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3 may be made of metal.

In addition, reports have indicated that a metal prototype for the Samsung Galaxy S4 was developed, and not a few were excited at the possibility of releasing such a device into the market. However, the release of the plastic model of the smartphone was influenced by the issues associated with the mass production of metal smartphones.

However, with the success of the S series along with the Galaxy Note, the use of plastic may give Samsung its own niche in the rather competitive mobile device market.

On the other hand, with reports that Apple is set to release a cheaper iPhone made of plastic, it may also give additional motivation for the South Korean company to use metal for the next Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The material may be used to justify any increase in the price of the smartphone.

In the end, the design of the device will likely dictate whether or not metal will be used on the next Samsung Galaxy smartphone since the current version of the devices are doing quite well despite using a material that some may consider to be cheap.

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