Saturday, April 20, 2013

Slim iPad 5 Hinted By Casing In HK Market

iPad 5 Casing
iPad 5 Casing
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Rumors mills have been churning out a steady supply of unconfirmed reports about the iPad 5, and the latest reports have resulted to a number of case designs for the next model of the iPad.

Reports have indicated that a number of slim casings for the iPad 5 have started to emerge online and in Hong Kong. A number of these cases have been posted on while some were available at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. These cases have hinted at the possibility that the next version of the iPad will be slimmer even as its screen size will still be similar to the current version of the device. already has a number of listings showing the casing for the upcoming model of the iPad. This shows that suppliers in China are capable of producing accessories for any Apple product even before they are released into the market. Earlier reports had hinted at slimmer backlights, which would result to a thinner model of the iPad. The device will reportedly have the same screen size despite its slimmer profile.

An image was leaked earlier that was supposedly that of the upcoming iPad 5 that gave rise to speculations that the device will be slimmer compared to the current version of the iPad.

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