Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Numerous Color Options For Low-Priced iPhone and iPhone 5S Hinted

iPhone 5S
iPhone 5S
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Apple-focused Macotakara revealed that the supposed iPhone 5S and the low-priced iPhone will be available in a number of color options including green and gold.

Since Apple has not given any confirmation on the two new models of the iPhone, the report will remain in the realm of speculations. However, a number of reports have emerged on the possible appearance and features of the two devices.

The low-priced iPhone will reportedly feature a plastic casing, instead of aluminum and may be available in blue, white, green, pink and yellow-orange. There may be other color options for the device, including white, gray, gold orange, and navy. The price range of the device will reportedly be from $350 up to $400.

On the other hand, the reported iPhone 5S will also have a number of color options aside from the typical white and black variants. The report revealed that users may be able to choose from a green or a gold variant of the device. The iPhone 5S will also have similar features as the iPhone 5 and will feature a dual-LED flash for its camera.

Despite the absence of any confirmation from Apple, the fact that the latest model of the iPod Touch is already available in a number of color options, it is possible that the company will do the same thing for the upcoming models of the iPhone.

Trial production of the low-priced iPhone will reportedly start by next month although a number of reports have indicated that it may not be available in the market earlier than next year. On the other hand, earlier reports indicated that the iPhone 5S will be released by the company by July.

No statements were issued by Apple in connection to the reported low-priced iPhone or the iPhone 5S.

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