Thursday, May 9, 2013

Production Of Display For Retina iPad Mini To Start Soon

Retina iPad Mini
Retina iPad Mini
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The RetinaiPad Mini may be launched in the third quarter of the year as production of the display will start in the coming months. This was revealed recently by NPD DisplaySearch, which pointed to a June or July start of the production of the display panels of the device.

NPD DisplaySearch analyst Richard Shim indicated that one of the main manufacturers of the display will be LG Display. He also said that Samsung was not among the list of suppliers for the upcoming small-size tablet offering of Apple.

Shim indicated that the role of LG Display in the production of the Retina iPad Mini has become bigger as Samsung was not identified as one of the component suppliers for the device. The 7.9-inch display of the device will have a resolution of 2048 by 1536.

The pixel density of the device will be similar to the one found on the Retina display of the iPhone 5. It will also be among the highest pixel densities among all tablets in the market. Bu, Shim was uncertain if the higher pixel density will be noticed by ordinary consumers.

Shim added that a number of tablets with pixel densities that go beyond 300 PPI are set to be released into the market. It may reach a point where it will not be easy to distinguish the enhancements on the image quality. The Amazon Kindle Fire will have displays that have a pixel density of over 300 PPI. On the other hand, the Google Nexus 10 already has a pixel density of 229 PPI.

However, consumers will still notice the better image quality on the Retina iPad Mini compared to the current model of the device.

It is also possible that consumers to focus on the display of the upcoming Retina iPad Mini due to the attention that the small-sized model of the iPad has gotten following its release into the market.

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