Friday, June 1, 2012

Apple Increases Secrecy Following Leaked Images of iPhone 5 Components

iPhone 5
iPhone 5

It appears that the leaked images of the supposed components of the iPhone 5 may have something to do with the recent statement of Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple.

According to Tim Cook, the company will increase the secrecy for its products that are set to become available in the market during the D10: All Thing Digital Conference. According to Cook, the company will “double down” on the secrecy of its products. This comes as supposed images showed components of the upcoming iPhone 5 of Apple.

The leak of the components of the iPhone 5 is not the first time components of an upcoming iPhone was leaked into the net although the previous leaks did not appear to be quite accurate once the actual device became available.

The images that were leaked recently were consistent with earlier reports on the supposed modifications on the upcoming iPhone 5, which is expected to be released before the end of the year. The images showed a smaller dock connector while the speaker grills were redesigned. The headphone jack of the iPhone 5 was also repositioned near the bottom part of the device.

A LED flash was also noted on the leaked images of the supposed components of the iPhone 5 while an opening that may be another microphone was also noted to increase audio capture for voice recordings.

The images also hinted of the Liquidmetal material that may be used on the upcoming iPhone 5. Apple had acquired the rights of the material recently. The metal back also shows the antenna fused into it while glass is still used on the top and bottom part of the upcoming device, possibly to increase signal reception.

Although the leaked images showed a similar width as the current model of the iPhone, it appears that the upcoming iPhone 5 will be taller. This confirms earlier reports that the device will be taller in order to give the device a four-inch screen. The upcoming iPhone 5 is also supposed to come with LTE network support.

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