Monday, June 25, 2012

Some iOS 6 Features Hint Of Upcoming iPhone 5

iPhone 5
iPhone 5

Even as Apple has remained secretive about its upcoming iPhone 5 smartphone, a number of observers have indicated that some hints on the upcoming device can be found on the official page of the iOS 6 of the company.

Following a recent announcement that the company will increase its security following supposed leaked images of the upcoming device, observers are anticipating a lesser number of leaks in connection to the iPhone 5.

The iOS 6 was recently unveiled by Apple during the Worldwide Developers Conference and is considered as the most advanced mobile platform of the company. The company did not give any hints about the iPhone 5 during the event.

However with the upcoming release of the iOS 6 by fall, it is quite possible that the company will be unveiling its latest smartphone in order to fully optimize the latest mobile platform of the company. Two of the features that the iOS 6 will offer are the Passbook app and the FaceTime on 3G. These two features on the latest mobile platform of Apple are considered to be hints of the upcoming iPhone 5.

The new Passbook application will provide the company with a new income channel. The application will allow users to use their mobile devices to watch a movie, check into a flight, and redeem coupons. Users will also be able to see the expiration date of the coupons, their concert seats, and the balance on their coffee bar card. The new application will likely be delivered together with the upcoming iPhone 5 to allow the application to be fully optimized by Apple device users.

The FaceTime on 3G feature on the iOS 6 is considered by some observers as an application designed for the iPhone 5. The upcoming feature will give users of the iPhone to have a video call with their friends using the unlimited data plans of mobile service providers. Some observers have also hinted that the same feature may be offered on a 4G network in the future.

The new FaceTime feature will be fully optimized on a 4G LTE network, which will be more stable and reliable. Mobile service providers have started to increase their 4G LTE coverage in the country although Verizon has remained dominant in terms of coverage and data speed. With earlier reports pointing at the possibility that the iPhone 5 will feature 4G LTE, the upcoming device will definitely benefit from a 4G LTE capability for the FaceTime application.

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