Thursday, July 5, 2012

Production Plans For iPad Mini Already In Place

iPad Mini
iPad Mini
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The production plans for the iPad mini may already be in place, NPD DisplaySearch indicated recently. Apple may already be preparing for the actual production of the smaller version of the popular tablet offering of the company.

According to NPD DisplaySearch analyst, Richard Shim, the business plan for the 7.85-inch iPad mini is already in place along with the target for mass production of the upcoming device. However it remains uncertain if Apple will be dubbing the small tablet as the iPad mini.

The research firm supposedly is in contact with a number of supply chain companies or the companies that produce the components of devices as well as assembly the actual device itself.

Shim believes that the production of the iPad mini is already imminent since everything is being prepared. He indicated that they already know the number of panels that will be produced from the glass sheets.

Despite these pronouncements, Shim has indicated that it remains to be seen whether the device will be actually produced unless the production of the iPad mini itself is already confirmed. The information comes from the supply chain and these plans can be easily changed.

Another website in China has reportedly given some indications coming from the supply chain. According to the report, the iPad mini will feature an IGZO or indium gallium zinc oxide screen display. This will allow the display to be slimmer compared to other displays in the market.

Apple has reportedly informed its suppliers that the company may be moving towards the use of the IGZO technology for its products even as Shim did not give any confirmations that the iPad mini will feature an IGZO screen display.

Earlier reports have also hinted at the possibility that the iPad mini will have a price tag of around $299 with a projected production of around 35 million units for the coming year.

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