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Reports Point To iPad Mini Launch Within The Year

iPad Mini
iPad Mini
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It appears that Apple is supposedly working with its partners in the supply chain as it prepares for the introduction of the iPad mini sometime in fall. These reports have reportedly come from more credible sources compared to earlier reports linked with the smaller model of the iPad of Apple.

According to MarketWatch of ‘The Wall Street Journal’, the component suppliers of the company are being prepared for the start of the production of the iPad mini by September. In addition to ‘The Wall Street Journal’, Bloomberg has reportedly given indications that the company was already working on the iPad mini, which will become available within the year.

The sources of ‘The Wall Street Journal’ indicated that the upcoming iPad mini will probably feature a display that is smaller than eight inches. In comparison, the current model of the iPad has a screen size of 9.7 inches, which has remained unchanged ever since the device was initially launched in 2010.

The screen display of the iPad mini will reportedly be produced by LG Display even as reports have indicated that the company was already preparing its production partners for the mass production of the device. Earlier reports have hinted that the supposed iPad mini will be introduced by the third quarter, prior to the holiday shopping season. This is consistent with other reports that indicated that preparations were already being made for the introduction of the upcoming device into the market.

Shaw Wu of Sterne Agee & Leache indicated that the price tag of the upcoming iPad mini will be similar to the price tag of the Google Nexus 7 tablet and the Amazon Kindle Fire. The Google Nexus 7 tablet was introduced recently and will be sold at around $199, which is similar to the price of the Amazon Kindle Fire, and will likely become the main rival of the upcoming iPad mini of Apple.

Richard Shim of NPD DisplaySearch had earlier indicated that a business plan was already in place for the upcoming iPad mini. Although he hinted that production lines have already been prepared by the company, changes in the plans are still possible. On the other hand Bloomberg reported that the upcoming iPad mini will be unveiled by the company by October although it will not come with the Retina Display that is featured on the new iPad.

The Microsoft Surface tablet, which was introduced recently, will feature a 10.6-inch display and although the company has yet to announce its price tag, it will reportedly be similar to the tablets that are currently available in the market, according to Steven Sinofsky, the Windows division president. The Windows-powered tablet of Microsoft will not likely be among the main rivals of the upcoming iPad mini due to its size and possible price tag.

No statements were released by Apple in connection to the reports linked to the preparations made for the upcoming iPad mini.

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