Monday, August 20, 2012

Pop-Up Stores To Promote Microsoft Surface RT Tablets

Microsoft Surface Tablet
Microsoft Surface Tablet
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Temporary pop-up stores will be set up by Microsoft in order to promote the MicrosoftSurface RT tablet. According to ZDNet, the company will be opening a number of these mini outlets in selected cities across the United States and one location in Canada prior to the opening of the holiday shopping season.

The mini stores will be launched in order to allow the Microsoft Surface RT tablet to go up against the product offerings of Apple. This was confirmed through a job posting on the webpage of the company in order to increase sales of the upcoming tablet offering of the software giant.

The report comes after a pronouncement by an Acer executive that indicated that the Microsoft Surface Pro and Microsoft Surface RT tablet will not be a long-term product offering of the company.

The Microsoft Surface tablet is expected to be offered into the market by October and will be introduced together with the Windows 8 OS of the company. Among the locations where the pop-up stores for the Microsoft Surface RT tablets will be launched include Braintree and Natick in Massachusetts, downtown Chicago, Cleveland, Manhattan, Miami, Portland, San Antonio, San Francisco St. Louis in Missouri, and Vancouver.

In addition to the pop-up stores, the Microsoft Surface RT tablet will also be offered in the physical stores of Microsoft along with the third-party retail partners of the company. A total of forty-four permanent retail outlets are expected to offer the Microsoft Surface Pro and the Microsoft Surface RT tablets of by the coming year according to the ZDNet report.

The Microsoft Surface Pro and the Microsoft Surface RT tablets is expected to go against the Google Nexus 7 tablet and the iPad of Apple in addition to the different Windows 8 tablets that are expected to be released into the market by a number of partners of the company including Asus, HP, Lenovo, and Samsung.

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