Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Survey Shows iPhone 5 More Popular Than iPad Mini

iPhone 5
iPhone 5

CouponCodes4u conducted a survey recently to find out which of the two still-unannounced Apple products is more popular. The results may not surprise some industry watchers since the upcoming iPhone 5 was the more desirable device compared to the iPad Mini.

The survey showed that the iPhone 5 will become the foremost product of Apple in terms of sales despite the fact that the company has not yet officially confirmed their existence. The margin between the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini was reportedly wide in the survey that included 1,900 individuals.

Around 78 percent of the participants opted for the iPhone 5 with a number of the respondents indicating that the smartphone will be more useful for them. Some of the respondents even raised some questions on the usefulness of the upcoming iPad Mini.

Although the iPhone has being considered as a luxury item, it has been a rather successful product offering of Apple. This is due to the fact that a smartphone is a rather useful device for most if not all owners of the device. It is without a doubt that the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini will become successful after they are finally released into the market in the coming month as what recent reports have hinted.

However it should be taken into consideration that the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini survey is not a true cross-section of all consumers in the market since over 75 percent of the survey participants already own a product from Apple while 64 percent reportedly own an iPhone. Around 40 percent of the respondents of the survey already have an iPad.

Although the iPhone 5 was considered to be the most desirable Apple product in the recent survey around 21 percent have indicated that they are thinking of giving their children an iPad Mini.

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