Monday, August 6, 2012

Images of Supposedly Assembled iPhone 5 Emerge

Assembled iPhone 5
Assembled iPhone 5
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Earlier leaked images supposedly showed some of the components of the still-unannounced iPhone 5 of Apple. Latest reports have indicated that these components have apparently been put together to show an image of the next generation iPhone.

The image initially emerged on an Asia-based website, iLab Factory, before it started to spread to other tech-focused blogs (including this one). The image of an assembled iPhone 5 showed the curved back, the speakers, screen display and the buttons. However it only showed the black-colored option for the reported iPhone 5.

The supposed iPhone 5 was reportedly assembled using the actual components of the device, according to iLab Factory.

The image of the supposed next generation iPhone also included the modified dock connector at the bottom portion of the device. Earlier reports had hinted at the possibility that Apple will be using a 19-pin doc connector for the upcoming device instead of the current 30-pin connector.

If these reports are accurate, it will make older devices virtually useless unless an adapter is made available by Apple together with the reported iPhone 5.

The supposed change in the dock connector for the iPhone 5 may have been due to the repositioning of the headphone connector to the bottom of the device. The headphone jack of the previous models of the device was located at the top.

The leaked image of the iPhone 5 also showed some changes in the design that Apple typically uses for its devices including a raised portion at the back as well as the gun-metal sides. These may hint at the possibility that the leaked images are not authentic although some industry watchers are still optimistic about it.

Recent reports had indicated that the upcoming iPhone 5 will become available between September and October. Some reports have also hinted at a possible August 7 introduction of the upcoming device.

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