Friday, November 23, 2012

Smartphones May Not Be Good Black Friday Deals

Black Friday Deals
Black Friday Deals
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It seems that a number of consumers are already getting the Black Friday 2012 fever as they wait for the deals to be announced by different retailers around the country. However it appears that smartphones may not be really considered as great Black Friday deals since these are mainly older models that a retailer would want to get rid of before the latest models enter the market.

It may be advisable for consumers to take a step back and take into consideration the smartphones that will be offered for Black Friday 2012. If these take a good look at these smartphones, they may find out that these are not really great Black Friday deals despite a significant reduction in their price tag.

Smartphones may be considered as personal devices as compared to other gadgets since smartphones are always brought with the users wherever they go. Smartphones also have a rather short life cycle since a new model is already expected to be launched every year, which means that they may not be considered as great Black Friday deals even if they are offered at a fifty percent discount.

Another reason why smartphone may not be considered great Black Friday deals is the fact that they normally require users to sign up for a two-year service contract. When users have to sign up for a $30 monthly contract for the next two years, it may offset the savings that they made when they purchase the device, which means they are not really notable Black Friday deals.

However, there may be some notable Black Friday deals like the Samsung Galaxy S3, which will be offered by Sprint Nextel, Best Buy, and RadioShack at reduced prices. The current flagship device of the South Korean company will reportedly be offered at around $100 after a rebate by T-Mobile, which will also offer similar Samsung gadgets at reduced prices. These may be considered notable Black Friday deals.

The HTC One X will also be offered at around $0.99 by AT&T on Cyber Monday although the same mobile network provider will also be offering a number of other models that do not have much name recall. Initially, this may appear to be a good deal, however with the upcoming release of the HTC One X+ by the holidays, it seems that the company is trying to sell off its inventory of the device.

Other devices that may appear to be great Black Friday deals are the Motorola Droid Razr of Verizon, the HTC Vivid of AT&T, and the Samsung Galaxy Victor of Sprint. These devices may appear to be great Black Friday deals since they are being offered at a price that is next to nothing, it should be noted that a number of newer models of smartphones have already entered the market.

Even the Nokia Lumia 900 is not considered as a great deal for Black Friday 2012 with the arrival of Windows Phone 8 devices.

It is therefore advisable for consumers to think before they purchase a smartphone that they may consider to be great Black Friday deals since they may end up purchasing a device that will become outdated within a few weeks time.

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