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Bendable Screens To Be Launched By Samsung During CES

Bendable Screen To Be Launched By Samsung During CES
Samsung Bendable Screen Display
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Following reports on the possible launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 next year, two bendable display screens are set to be unveiled by Samsung Display at the upcoming Consumer Electronic Show, a report indicated. The bendable display screen is touted to create a huge impact on the future designs of smartphones and televisions.

It can be recalled that reports had hinted at the possibility that the Samsung Galaxy S4 may use a bendable or foldable screen display, which will make it virtually unbreakable.

One of the bendable display screens that will be unveiled is a 5.5-inch screen display that is expected to be used on smartphones and it features a 1280 by 720 resolution with a 267ppi pixel density. This may be used on the supposed Samsung GalaxyS4, if reports on the upcoming successor to the Galaxy S3 are true.

In addition to the 5.5-inch display, a 55-inch display is also set to be unveiled that will be used on a television.

Although the bendable screen can be curved without damaging it, it cannot be rolled up yet. Samsung Display is also set to create a cover lens and touch panel that can be used on the bendable display, which was created by the company.

Samsung initially unveiled a 4.5-inch WVGA display at the CES 2011 that featured a pixel density of 200ppi. The bigger screen size and resolution of the new display shows that the company is up to date with the expectations for the latest smartphone models.

For the moment, there are no new reports on the supposed Samsung Galaxy S4 although the upcoming launch of the 5.5-inch bendable screen display may be considered a part of the development of the upcoming device if it will indeed feature the screen display.

However, it can be expected that more reports of the supposed Samsung Galaxy S4 will emerge near the end of the holidays since everyone is too busy ticking off names on their gift lists.

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