Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday 2013 Availability For Xbox 720 Hinted


Xbox fans may have something to look forward to if recent reports are to be believed. Anonymous sources have reportedly told Bloomberg that the next generation Xbox may be unveiled by next year. The upcoming game console from Microsoft, which was called the Xbox 720 by some industry watchers, will supposedly be launched during the E3 event in June next year. However, some reports have indicated that a separate event will be held that will focus on the console itself.

The Xbox 720, which was given the codename Durango, will reportedly be ready for next year’s Black Friday sales event and holiday shopping season. When a spokeswoman from Microsoft was asked about the Xbox 720 reports, she avoided the topic and focused on how the company aims to extend the lifecycle of the Xbox 360.

The Xbox 720 will reportedly feature a Blu-ray drive, Kinect compatibility, A/V ports for viewing as well as recording television shows, and a better controller.

For the moment, the Xbox 360 is dominating the game console market in the US as it became the top game console in the US market for fifteen straight months last October. It also had 56 percent share of the US console market last October.

Although no official statements were issued by Microsoft on the reported Xbox 720, the Xbox World magazine reportedly indicated that the upcoming game console will be simply dubbed as the ‘Xbox’. The soon-to-be-defunct magazine also indicated that the reported Xbox 720 will come with a sixteen-core processor along with an 8GB RAM.

The recent report on the Xbox 720 follows earlier reports of a set-top box console that will reportedly be called as the Xbox Mini.

However since Microsoft has not released any official statements, the accuracy of the reports on the supposed Xbox 720 will remain uncertain.

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